Best Practices in Change Management:

Critical Process Variables



How do educational leaders manage change in colleges and universities?  What process variables like faculty involvement must we monitor?  What do we do about resistance to change?  The motive for organizing the research I will report is simple enough:  What do we think we know about planned change in colleges and universities, especially the layered change introduced by a searching self-study?

After a few remarks to set our context, we’ll consider topics like: planned change and self study, contemporary challenges in higher education, how colleges are different as an organization type, Robert Zemsky’s powerful idea that a theory of change is needed for real change, types of resistance to change, new assumptions about people in organizations, and ten critical process variables to be monitored.  The paper closes with a summary of insights for better practice as well as suggestions for new theory.  See more.

Paper: Best Practices in Change Managment_Paper by Jackson Kytle
Presentation: Best Practices in Change Management_Presentation by Jackson Kytle